Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Chapters Always Free

Just went for a couple more chapters in IR2. As always, it's available online at my homepage. Check the links to the right.

Some people find it odd that I just offer free chapters of books that are still in development. You get to see things as they progress, naturally, rather than waiting forever and seeing only carefully edited selections. I rarely delete chapters entirely, and even when I decide to rework something, I try not to do it from the ground up. Although, rewriting the first 8 or so chapters of the Sworn Lands to change the perspective from 1st person to 3rd person was a chore.

Anyway, I've always put all of my stuff up online. Hopefully, people like it enough to buy a book eventually. If not, there are no hard feelings about wasted time and money, right?

So, please keep checking out new chapters for Earthbound and In-Roam 2. They come out a few times a week, though lately I've been alternating weeks for which book I work on.

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