Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sera and Rob get complicated

I've had fun writing the last few chapters here. No, I don't mean the last of the book, though I wish I was. That is still quite a ways off. I'm adding more action, more drama, and drawing all the characters back together as I push toward a conclusion. I can sort of see two endings, one in Sera's world, and one in ours. I know which one would be more satisfying, but it's the harder ending to write. Although, it would answer more questions and also open more doors for a sequel someday. I really do think I want to just knock this out in a one-shot deal, which might mean just plowing through and writing a thick volume, a tome if you will, and just finish it all at once. It'd probably be the size of my Perennials novels, but it would be nice to do. As it is, I'm already about a year into this one, with several month-long breaks. I need to decide in the next few chapters though.

In other news, I have several new ideas for projects. I have one in particular that has a lot of my attention, but with work and Earthbound still coming along, I'm not sure when I'll get to it. I have tentatively named the project 'The Laurel Wreath.'

Before I do a new volume, I'll probably rework Pancake & Hen into one Master Collection, and possibly do an extended version of Afterlives, with a few more stories.