Friday, March 12, 2010

House Seals

If you've been following Earthbound at all, you might have picked up on the Houses on the world where our main character, Serafina, comes from. I've been sketching and working on some of the seals and symbols of the main houses, especially from a rival House, House Exuro. I'm including a copy of what I have so far...

I know the writing has been sort of slow lately, but that's because I've been working on the backstory and the other world, which should help in Volume 2. I suppose it could wait until I'm done with Volume 1, but I like to do things as they come to me, to keep them fresh. I may even begin a map for that book at some point.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

team todd promo

Monday, March 08, 2010

Team Todd, Team Phil, and Team Rob

I've been considering making spoof T-shirts of twilight's team edward and team jacob craze. It seemed amusing to have the characters from Earthbound in similar shirts, especially since two of the three are spectacularly unattractive. It could be an amusing gimmick to get some attention. With every tween and teen knowing about the jacob/edward thing, I imagine I'd get a lot of confused and curious inquiries about the other characters that they'd never heard about.

I'll have to see about making some sort of cartoony/realistic sketch of the three characters. They may be forthcoming. It just depends on time and my artistic talents.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

More drama

Knocked out another chapter and a half of Earthbound. I must say, while not a lot happens, there is a lot of arguing and consideration. Part of that is because I'm doing several scenes from the viewpoints of both characters, or overlapping scenes at least. Although, when I think about it, the competition, stuff like Twilight, doesn't have a lot of action and stuff happening, either. It's just the fluctuating of feelings back and forth as they all try to decide what they really want to do...

Earthbound takes a more adult look at it, namely because the characters are older than the ages or approximate age of appearance of the undead characters in Twilight. It's written for high school and college age readers, as well, rather than tweens.

I must say, more than anything else I've written in awhile, this is enjoyable. Shadowcaster, the first volume of the sworn lands, was a difficult write. I had things I wanted to do, but I just couldn't get into the mindset of Marcus as easily as I can with Rob Dunn.

I hope the real Rob Dunn, the basis for the character, enjoys all I'm doing with the book.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Been awhile

With the holidays, family visits, and the like, I've been working at a snail's pace. I got a chapter done last week, two actually, and I thought things were moving again. Been busy with just random this and that, though. Also, helping my wife start a business on Check her out in the coming weeks at

I plan on pushing through with Earthbound in the coming weeks or months. I expect to finish that one in the next three months. After that, I may consider part 2 of the sworn lands.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm not talking much about In-Roam 2. It's sort of on indefinite hold. I may be writing it alone, so I'll have to rethink my involvement. There's some good stuff in the planned plot, but I'm just not certain it's worth it to me.

Also, want to start marketing my books more. Tired of writing so much for so little recognition. I need to get the word out there more, for my science now book as well...