Thursday, November 05, 2009

Updates to Earthbound

Kind of focusing more on Earthbound this last week, but I plan to hit In-Roam next week, especially over the wednesday holiday off.

As far as Earthbound goes, I'm definitely trying to ease into things. Whenever you have a character from another place, the whole newness can only last so long, but it's a cool phase as the character adjusts. Even in TV shows, you see this. Often, the interest in that character wanes as that character becomes more like everyone else.

The regular world through different eyes is not something I want to necessarily get past very soon. It's not that I don't have action planned, and there are definitely books where I hit the action in like the 1st chapter or two, but this one is more about the growing relationship between the two main characters, which will suffer and endure through strains both mundane and otherworldly. So, while action (hopefully great action) is planned, I don't mind walking easily through the normalcy of a regular life and this fish out of water's reactions to what we consider everyday.

See you next time!

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