Monday, November 16, 2009

1 vs the other

Kind of interesting writing two books at once. On one hand, I have In-Roam 2, a story about a brooding badass with a foul mouth, a strong desire to whoop some ass, and some bizarre world-hopping adventure. On the other, I have a dramatic tale of 20-somethings with sexual tension, action, and some fantasy/sci-fi tones to it.

They're totally different veins, but both pretty fun. For the most part, I'm alternating weeks on each book, but Earthbound is coming more quickly, because I'm writing it by myself. In-Roam 2, I'm collaborating on with Levi Justice, so I wait for input and suggestions from him after each chapter or two.

I'll post something from In-Roam or Earthbound in my next post this week. Until next time...

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