Monday, October 19, 2009

In-Roam 2: Alive & Still Kickin'

Hudson Stiles is back. Yes, the brash, crude, foul-mouthed anti-hero returns for his second major foray into the universe of In-Roam. If you haven't read the 1st book, the biker from Chicago was dumped into a strange universe and woke up with a device known as a key tool strapped to his arm. The tool helped guide him through some of the universe's 500 worlds, where he met several other people that he tried to get back home with. There were gunfights, aliens, creatures, portal jumping, swearing, attempts at revenge, god-like beings, betrayals, and all manners of things between him and his destiny, but he took it all in stride, because that's who Hudson Stiles is.

In the lastest installment, he runs across a geeky kid who thinks the whole thing is a game. That's nothing Stiles and a very cruel look at reality won't cure him of. Problem is, the kid probably won't have what it takes to cut it in a place like In-Roam. What will Stiles have to say about that? I'm posting a sample for you, though I must warn it has been edited for language. The actual volume is quite a bit more graphic. It's teen and up audience.

"A sawed-off shotgun, two 8-bullet clips, a bionic hand, a big freaking knife, two tires on my bike in need of changing, enough spare change for a cheeseburger, and millions of lunatics who don’t know when to leave well enough alone. Oh, and did I forget a walking mushroom, a crazed scientist dwarf, and a dumbass kid who thinks this is a video game? That about sums it up. My life sucks right about now, and it’s going to get worse..."
Hope you enjoyed that little bit. It's the working intro to the book.

In other news, still working on Earthbound. I'm writing both books at the same time, but with the co-author having to edit or comment on every chapter between writings, I'm going to have to work on 2 projects to keep busy.

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