Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Layout

I've been working off and on on Earthbound. It's hard to really decide how far to go with this. I could go all out and really write a massive novel, basically finishing the story in one go, or I could break it into pieces. I'm over 100,000 words now, so that's about 300 pages. I tend to add a lot of detail and the 1st and 2nd edits, as well, so it would lengthen as I reworked parts of it. The idea of revisiting a story always gives me mixed feelings. Sometimes there is a lot of things left undone, often purposely, but with so many prospective projects on my hands, it can be hard to put in the effort to return and finish a story versus beginning a new one.

That said, I still have a partially started In-Roam Part II to consider. I don't like tossing stuff out or stopping partway, but there is a lot of work left to be done. I'll see where I'm at after finishing Earthbound, which will likely take me the rest of the summer.

Things just take longer than they used to, and I blame games. Dawn Of War, based off of Warhammer 40K, has really killed my free time the last few months. :(

In other news, I found reviews for Afterlives and Pancake & Hen floating around on the Internet. It's nice to be noticed!

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