Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Serafina & Robert

Inspired by all the teen drama/romance/fantasy out there, I'm writing earthbound, a story about a girl that seems to be an angel that has come from another world to escape her life there. Robert, a young guy who just wants to finish school so he can start his real life, happens to rescue her from a burning crater in the woods when she falls to earth near where he was driving. So starts a strange chapter in Rob's life.

The character of Robert is actually named and based off of one of my real life friends, Rob Dunn. He found the whole premise hilarious and exciting, and said I could do whatever I wanted, so long as I didn't make his fictional counterpart 'have a small weiner.' So far, that hasn't happened, so he seems pretty supportive.

This actually isn't my first time writing drama. I wrote a novella several years ago called 'The Keys to Soul' - a drama about a teenage girl that falls for an older piano player. I also wrote a more lighthearted comedy novella called 'Imagine That' - a story about a teenage boy who has no control over his mouth and finds his secrets and thoughts are actually involuntarily spoken aloud for everyone to hear until he loses his virginity (that's the real storyline, honestly). There are a couple others, too, but not necessarily so long.

This is my first real attempt at modern fantasy/sci-fi set in our world. It might not rival twilight or other popular series, but give it a read and see. I'll post some samples next time around. If you're curious about those other stories, they're available on my website. Check the links beside the post.

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