Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Reason to get Nothing Done, but a good one...

On a personal note, this has nothing to do with my writing. Rather, it has to do with why I'm not really doing any right now, though I expect to in the next few weeks still, whenever I can snag an hour or two.

We're hosting a friend's son from overseas for the next 10 weeks. He used to be my student when I taught in South Korea, and his father was a friendly acquaintance. They're a nice family, and it takes a lot to trust people with your 12 yr old son.

He's been here a couple days from South Korea, and he's already practically rode the wheels off my bike and raided our fridge numerous times. He seems hellbent on eating ice cream and soda all day, but we put a limit on those items per day. We also went fishing in the canal and he snagged a fish, while I caught bait and my wife made me take the softshell turtle she caught off of her line.

Our part-time son here is pretty fun so far, if tireless. He'll keep me moving. We're enjoying it.

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