Monday, May 25, 2009


Another project I have in development is called Pandemonium. It's a post apocalyptic story starring me, along with several other people who live nearby. I'm not sure how much personal detail I'd put in there, but it would be my neighbors and I fighting against a swarm of creatures that is destroying the world.

This might sound a bit self-aggrandizing, seeing how I'm apparently important enough to help fight the end of the world, but it's more about strongholding and just surviving as hordes of somewhat unintelligent creatures gobble down the rest of the people. In the same vein as some of those horror movies where regular people have to fight to survive when the invasion comes, the retired military folk that live around me will help battle a monstrous swarm, and it all starts in my garage one morning when the power is out...

If it were you, what skills do you have that might help you make it through the worst days humanity has ever seen?

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