Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ongoing Edits

Still working on the Sworn Lands. I decided to do at least 1 chapter a day rather than sporadic work. After the last few days, I'm 30% done, and should be done somewhere around the end of this month or middle of next. I'd like to get that done so I can work on one of these other projects I've been mentioning.

I've also been refining an idea for a really rude detective story. James Finder is a guy who can find people by hijacking some of their senses to get clues about their whereabouts. Here are a few excerpts from my idea file:

"She was one of those broads that distracted you from the shortcomings of her face with short skirts and leggy get-ups. She knew how to use what she had, and I was thinking about using what she had, too..."

"My old partner... he had a face like a bear and breath like a badger. I told him to eat a tic-tac and look the other way. Problem solved."

"Piety - surely the tastiest sounding of my shortcomings."

"She had a nice pair of muffins filling her blouse, and I wanted to give them a squeeze to see how cakey they were inside. Unfortunately, I had work to do. I am a masochist."

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